Auf Edelmetallbasis amorphe Legierung mit plastischer Verformbarkeit die als Baumaterial für Elektrolyseanoden anwendbar ist

Alliage amorphe à base de métaux précieux, déformable plastiquement et utilisable comme matériau pour anodes d'électrolyse

Precious metal-based amorphous alloy having plastic processability and useful as bulk material for electrolysis anodes


The object of the invention is to provide an excellent electrode having an excellent corrosion resistance and long service life even in a severe oxidization environment such as in NaCl solutions for anode electrolysis in which chlorine gas or the like is produced at a high potential from the alloy surface. The electrode of the invention is provided using a precious metal-based amorphous alloy which has a good plasticity processibility and is applicable to a large-sized component. The object is implemented by provision of an electrode material for anode electrolysis which utilizes a precious metal-based amorphous alloy which satisfies a general formula of compositions expressed by NM100-a-b-cNiaCubPc, wherein NM comprises one or two precious metal elements selected from Pd and Pt; a, b and c being atomic percent, satisfy that 30 ≦ a+b ≦ 45,3 ≦ b/a ≦ 7, and 18 ≦ c ≦ 25, respectively; Pt is contained from 10 to 30 atom percent (at.%); and wherein a temperature width ΔTx in the supercooled liquid region (ΔTx=Tx - Tg) has a width of 70 K or more.




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