Packaging device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a packaging device to support, place and protect an appliance to be packaged such as an electric appliance and a gas appliance which is excellent in cushioning property in place of a plastic foam packaging material, simple in the posttreatment after the use, simple in the forming such as the cutting of a corrugated fiberboard, and inexpensive. SOLUTION: The packaging device comprises a pedestal 1 with the packaged appliance 2 placed thereon, and a cover 3 which is formed of a corrugated fiberboard and wound and fixed at a periphery thereof by a covering band 4 from the top of the packaged appliance 2, the pedestal 1 is formed of a corrugated fiberboard, a paper tube 7 of substantially L-shaped section having a plurality of notches 8 in an inner surface is disposed on a side bottom portion of a lower case 6 having a substantially dish-like contour, a corrugated fiberboard base 9 is fixed to a center portion of the lower case 6, a pair of longitudinal paper tubes 12 of substantially U-shaped section are erected on the corrugated fiberboard base 9 with recesses 13 facing each other, and a pedestal paper tube 14 is disposed between a pair of longitudinal tubes 12.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 電気機器やガス機器などの被包装機器を支 持、載置し、保護する包装装置において、発泡プラスチ ック包装部材に代替するものとして優れた緩衝機能を有 し、使用後の後処理が簡単にできるようにし、しかも、 段ボールを切り抜き加工程度で簡単に成形加工し、安価 に構成する。 【解決手段】 被包装機器2を載置する台座1と、段ボ ールで形成し被包装機器2の上方より覆いバンド4で周 囲を巻装し固定したカバー3とを備え、台座1は、段ボ ールで形成し略皿状の外形を有する下ケース6の側底部 に、内面に複数の切り欠き部8を設けた断面略L字状の 紙管7を配置し、下ケース6の中央部に段ボール台9を 固定し、この段ボール台9に凹部13が相対するように 一対の断面略コ字状の縦紙管12を立設し、一対の縦紙 管12の間に台座紙管14を配置する。




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