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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a sheet which may be fitted into button control surfaces by forming the sheet in such a manner that various kinds of information may be printed even by a printer of an electrophotographic system near positions to be formed as through-holes while the through-holes are not yet opened, that the through-holes may be easily opened after the information printing and that the function information, etc., are previously stated in the positions near the through-holes. SOLUTION: A base material 2 for die cutting and a die cutting-assisting base material 3 are two-foldably connected via a folding part X and two-layer films 5 and 6 peelably and spuriously adhered to the superposed surfaces 2a of the base material 2 for die cutting are bonded to each other with one of tacky adhesives 7 disposed on the respective outer flanks of the films 5 and 6. The other tacky adhesive 7 is covered with release paper 8 and the films are notched 9 to a frame like at the depth reaching the film 5 on the side of the spuriously adhered base material 2 for die cutting from the base material 2 for die cutting. The base material 2 for die cutting is separably provided with plural parts 4 planned for die cutting by the notches 9.
(57)【要約】 【課題】透孔が開口していない状態で透孔となる位置の 近傍に各種情報を電子写真方式のプリンタによっても印 字できるようにして、情報印字後に透孔が簡単に開口で きるようにし、透孔の近傍位置に予め機能情報などが記 載されてボタン操作面に嵌め込むことのできるシートを 得る。 【解決手段】型抜き用基材2と型抜き補助基材3とが折 り部Xを介して二つ折り可能に連接され、型抜き用基材 2の重ね合わせ面2aに、剥離可能に擬似接着された二 層フィルム5、6を、フィルム5、6それぞれの外側面 に設けた粘着剤7の一方を介して貼り合わせ、他方の粘 着剤7を剥離紙8で覆い、型抜き用基材2から擬似接着 した型抜き用基材2側のフィルム5まで達する深さの枠 状の切り込み9を入れて、該切り込み9により複数の型 抜き予定部4を型抜き用基材2に分離可能にして設け た。




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