Lightweight roofing tile with earthquake resistance and weatherability



(57)【要約】 【課題】従来は、上下瓦の係止凹凸を利用して、この瓦 相互間の耐震、耐風効果を図る構成であるので、隣接瓦 に対して係止関係を備えておらず、耐震、耐風効果が十 分ではない。またこの構成は、上下の瓦間における丸瓦 部の嵌合であり、平板瓦部に対する係止関係を備えてお らず、耐震、耐風効果は必ずしも十分とは云えず改良の 余地がある。 【構成】 本発明は、尻棧隅部から差込み頭隅部に亘っ て設けた水返し突条4を有する平板瓦部2と、玉口部を有 する丸瓦部3とで構成される瓦であって、水返し突条と 相似形の他の水返し突条5を、水返し突条の内方の平板 瓦部に設け、また平板瓦部の尻側内方に係止突条6を形 成し、係止突条の端面が玉口部の段付端面と略々同じ線 上に位置する耐震、耐風雨用の瓦である。従って、瓦、 及び上方瓦及び隣接瓦間の耐震、耐風雨効果を発揮し て、防災に強く、かつ雨仕舞のよい瓦で、また葺き上げ 操作が容易で、かつ葺き上げの美観又は質感の向上が図 れる瓦を提供できる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem that the effects of earthquake resistance and weatherability are not sufficiently exhibited not only because the locking relation with an adjacent tile is not formed due to a conventional composition wherein the locking projection and depression of upper and lower tiles are used so as to bring about the effects of earthquake resistance and wind resistance between the tiles but also because the locking relation with a plain tile part is not formed due to the composition wherein a convex tile part is fitted between the upper and lower tiles. SOLUTION: The tile with earthquake resistance and wind resistance is composed of the plain tile part 2 having a flashing protrusion streak 4 installed from a tail sash bar corner part to an insertion head corner part and the convex tile part 3 having a round joint part. Another flashing protrusion streak 5 geometrically similar to the streak 4 is installed in the plain tile part 2 in the inward direction of the streak 4. A locking protrusion streak 6 is formed inward on the tail side of the plain tile part 2, and the end surface of the streak 6 is located on approximately the same line as the stepped end surface of the round joint part. Consequently, the earthquake resistant and weathering effects of the tile and the section between the upper tile and the adjacent tile are exhibited so as to provide the tile excellent in disaster prevention and flashing, which facilitates a roofing operation and allows the beauty of roofing or a texture to be enhanced.




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