Cassette holder



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce speed and impact during the movement of a holder main body by a simple configuration and at a low cost. SOLUTION: When a holder main body 11 is moved from a loading position to an inserting/pulling-out position by a moving mechanism for moving the holder main body 11, a damper member 24 having an elastic displacement part 26 brought into contact with a part of the moving mechanism and elastically transformed is attached to the holder main body. The damper member is used as a speed reducing material for reducing its moving speed immediately before the holder main body reaches the inserting/pulling-out position, and also as a buffer material for releasing impact caused when the holder main body is moved toward the inserting/pulling-out position.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 簡単な構成で安価にホルダー本体の移動時の 減速及び衝撃の緩和を図る。 【解決手段】 ホルダー本体11を移動させる移動機構 によってホルダー本体が装着位置から挿脱位置へ向けて 移動されるときに移動機構の一部が接触されて弾性変形 される弾性変位部26を有するダンパー部材24をホル ダー本体に取り付け、該ダンパー部材を、ホルダー本体 が挿脱位置に達する直前の移動速度を減じる減速材及び ホルダー本体が挿脱位置へ向けて移動されたときの衝撃 を緩和する緩衝材として用いた。




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