Gas extraction operating method of compression type refrigerating machine



(57)【要約】 【課題】 圧縮式冷凍機の抽気装置から放出される冷媒 ガスの量を低減する 【解決手段】 圧縮式冷凍機の系内に混入した非凝縮性 ガスと冷媒ガスとの混合ガスを凝縮器から抽気装置の分 離器に導いて冷却し、混合ガス中の冷媒ガスを凝縮させ つつ分離器内の圧力が所定の設定値SV1以上に達した 時に、分離器内の混合ガスを排気するようにした圧縮式 冷凍機の抽気運転方法において、前記設定値SV1を凝 縮器における凝縮圧力の上下変動範囲の中間値に設定し て運転する。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the amount of refrigerant gas discharged out of an air extracting device for a compression type refrigerating machine. SOLUTION: In the gas extraction operating method of the compression type refrigerating machine wherein mixed gas of non-condensible gas and refrigerant gas which is mixed into the system of the compression type refrigerating machine is guided from the condenser to the separator of the gas extracting device to cool the same and when a pressure in the separator has arrived at a predetermined set value SV1 or higher while condensing the refrigerant gas in the mixed gas, the mixed gas in the separator is discharged, the refrigerating machine is operated while setting the set value SV1 at an intermediate value within the up-and-down fluctuating range of a compressing pressure in the compressor.




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