Fluorescent display tube



(57)【要約】 【目的】発光駆動時に異音発生が発生しない静かな蛍光 表示管を実現する。 【構成】蛍光表示管は、絶縁性の基板1と基板の上面側 に封着された容器部からなる外囲器を有し、外囲器内に は蛍光体を備えた陽極2と陰極8が設けられる。基板の 上面に形成された配線導体3は、絶縁層4で覆われる。 陰極8の張設部材9が取り付けられる電極部材15は、 絶縁層の上面に接する両端部16と、絶縁層との間に隙 間が生じるように両端部から立ち上げて一体に成形され た中央部18とを有する。電極部材15をブリッジ状に 持ち上げたので、電極部材15と配線導体3の間に生じ る静電容量が小さくなり電極部材15が静電気力で振動 することがなくなった。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a quiet fluorescent display tube without producing abnormal noise during light-emitting drive. SOLUTION: The fluorescent display tube has an envelope consisting of an insulating board 1 and a container sealed on a top face side of the board, and inside the envelope are an anode 2 and a cathode 8 equipped with phosphor. A wiring conductor 3 formed on the top face of the board is covered with an insulating layer 4. An electrode member 15 fitted with a stretch-set member 9 of the cathode 8 has both end parts 16 contacting the top face of the insulating layer as well as a center part 18 integrally molded by making the both end parts rising so that there is a gap against between the insulating layer. As the electrode member 15 is lifted like a bridge, capacitance becomes small which is generated between the electrode member 15 and the wiring conductor 3, thereby preventing the electrode member 15 from vibrating with electrostatic force.




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