Device for stowing extra cord for mouse or the like



(57)【要約】 【課題】マウスのコードが邪魔に成らずに纏められ、マ ウスの操作性も良く、入力中の単調な作業に変化を与 え、心を和ませ、入力作業の高効率化を得ること。 【解決手段】マウス等の余裕分のコードを収納又は支持 する装置を有する本体の下部面の接触抵抗が最小となる ように少なくとも接地面を略球面状に形成し、また収納 及び支持本体の下部近傍に錘を設けている。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the operability of a mouse and provide a change in monotonous work under input while softening a feeling and making input work highly efficient by stowing cord for the mouse so as not to get in the way. SOLUTION: To minimize the contact resistance of a body having a device for stowing or supporting the extra cord of the cord for the mouse or the like, at least a ground plane is formed in approximately spherical shape, and a weight is provided near the lower part of the stowing and supporting body.




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