Manufacturing method of solar battery



(57)【要約】 【課題】 複雑な製造工程を経ることなく、低コストで かつ簡単に受光効率の良い信頼性の高い太陽電池の製造 方法を提供する。 【解決手段】 第1導電型半導体層を有する球体基板表 面に、第2導電型半導体層を形成してなる球体セルを、 トレイに敷き詰める工程と、トレイ内に樹脂を充填し、 敷き詰められた球体セルとともに硬化せしめ、多数の太 陽電池セルを一体的に固着する工程と、前記樹脂より露 出する球体セル表面の前記第2導電型半導体層をエッチ ングにより除去し、前記第1導電型半導体層を露出させ る工程と、前記第1導電型半導体層が露出した面に、絶 縁性樹脂を塗布し、硬化させる工程と、前記絶縁性樹脂 より、前記第1導電型半導体層を露出させる工程と、前 記第2導電型半導体層が露出するように、前記樹脂を除 去する工程と、前記第2導電型半導体層が露出した側 の、前記球体セル表面に、第1導電層を形成する工程 と、前記球体セルの前記第1導電型半導体層が露出した 面に、第2導電層を形成する工程と、を含む。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the manufacturing method of a solar battery that is inexpensive and simple, has improved light reception efficiency, and is highly reliable without going through any complex manufacturing processes. SOLUTION: The manufacturing process of a solar battery includes a process for spreading a spherical cell where a second-conductivity-type semiconductor layer is formed on a spherical substrate surface having a first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer in a tray, a process for filling resin into the tray, curing the resin along with the spherical cell that has been spread, and fixing a number of solar battery cells in one piece, a process for removing the second-conductivity-type semiconductor layer on the spherical cell surface being exposed from the resin by etching, and exposing the first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer, a process for applying an insulating resin to a surface where the first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer is exposed for curing, a process for exposing the first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer from the insulating resin, a process for removing the resin so that the second- conductivity-type semiconductor layer is exposed, a process for forming a first conductive layer on the spherical cell surface at a side where the second-conductivity-type semiconductor layer is exposed, and a process for forming a second conductive layer on a surface where the first-conductivity-type semiconductor layer of the spherical cell is exposed. COPYRIGHT: (C)2002,JPO




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