(57)【要約】 【課題】 撮影時の情報記憶を行い、フイルムとの対応 を行う為の情報の写し込みを行うカメラにおいて、情報 写し込み後のデータの修正を考慮し、その対応間違いの 混乱を未然に防止することを可能にする。 【解決手段】 制御回路20における情報の設定手段と 写し込み部9及び写し込み回路駆動部32による情報写 し込み手段を設け、情報写し込み後に、情報の変更が行 われた場合は、モータ29によりフイルムを所要量移動 して別の個所に情報写し込みをを行い、フイルムを元の 位置まで戻し撮影を続行するか、全撮影終了後の巻き戻 し時に情報写し込みを行う。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a camera which stores information obtained at photographing, imprints information necessary for being made to correspond to a film and prevents confusion caused by erroneous correspondence while giving consideration to modification of data after the information is imprinted. SOLUTION: The camera is provided with an information setting means for a control circuit 20 and an information imprinting means constituted of an imprinting part 9 and an imprinting circuit driving part 32, and in the case the information is modified after the information is imprinted, the film is moved by a motor 29 by a prescribed quantity, and the information is imprinted on another part, and then, the film is returned to the original position and photographing is continued, in the other way, the information is imprinted at rewinding the film after all the frames are photographed.




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